Alexander Röntgen

Managing Partner Leadership Choices


As CEO Alexander Röntgen has worked with various management teams and boards of directors of multinational corporations such as ABB and Angloamerican, of family businesses such as Dyckerhoff AG and with private equity organizations - in Germany, in UK and USA, but also in Asian and Arab markets. This has taught him to understand a wide variety of corporate structures and business cultures as well as the importance of "do's and don'ts". He lived at the hubs of today's economic development: London, the Far and the Middle East.

In addition to his coaching skills, Alexander Röntgen is always willing to share his deep insights on various corporate issues with the coachee. His strenghts are analysis of opportunities, correspondence to reality and concrete strategies based on his extensive operational experience and a sustainable international network.

Latest (recent 24 months-) assignments:

  • Leading an innovative long term CEO-P2P executive sparring program for 20 selected Swiss/German CEOs.
  • Exclusively developed an innovative "Compact Coaching design" delivering sparring partner- and mentorship for several Senior Executive Partners of ACCENTURE.
  • Mentor-Coach for the C-level team of one of BMW's significant subsidiaries. Personal sparring with the CEO on top.
  • Assessment Coach for the senior leadership team of SAP, having assessed more than 40 L1/L2 participants since 2012.
  • A) Conflict management and B) Vision-development workshop with the management board of a large Swiss public company.
  • Training top sales executive teams of Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt & Chinese Development Bank, Bejing.

Alexander Röntgen holds a Diploma in Business and Economics from the University of Cologne, Germany with focus on sales, marketing and supply management and finishing with his degree dissertation for Prof. Dr. Winfried Hamel in the field of human resources. He expanded his expertise having had leadership seminars at the USW, Erftstadt (ESMT) and he received his education as a coach at the HAY Group/UK as well as the Coach Training Institute (CTI).

He is fluent in German, French, English and Italian. He lives with his family in Wiesbaden, Germany.